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This is very helpful thank you. I just had a listen to Allan Scott. Very good, seemingly very sincere and utterly believable. Unfortunately I know too much of the back story. He very subtly makes himself out to be the hero / saint who will not take offense. Those who have taken offense at him (the whistleblowers) are the ones who have foregone the fire of the Holy Spirit. He will not have 'offense rob him of love'... Biblical love though, is rarely equated with a feeling. It's sacrificial love. That means doing the right thing by someone even if I feel like throttling them. Feelings are not sin. Inappropriate responses in action responding to that feeling might lead to sin. His actions (subtly pointing away from himself and toward those offended by him) are not the response of agape love as I understand it. He's subtly saying it's not me, it's them. That is not sacrificial. It is self elevating. I will say this though. He is good. That good that if I didn't know what I know (sadly where most of his audience are I guess) I would absolutely believe him.

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Great post, Luke - and many thanks for the shoutout. Discussion around race, ethnicity, and cultural customs is never easy, so well done.

Would love in the future to hear your thoughts on how (or even if) churches should go about diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts? Exploiting a demographic's ingrained tendencies like Scott seems to be doing is an obvious no-no, but how do ensure that we are not homogenous communities with closed minds? Perhaps that can be a topic for a future podcast or post. Thanks again!

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Be curious…

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