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This is helpful. Having been ordained Anglican and drifting into the Vineyard in the early 2000's I've never struggled with holding the ancient paths and the charismata together. The ancient paths (Eucharisto et al) are what anchor us. Years ago I read Richard Foster's 'Six Streams', which makes the same claims as the article. We are not meant to be 'contemplative, or charismatic, or social justice, or evangelical or...' we are meant to be all of those things. When I left Vineyard in South Africa in 2014, I don't think we had fully embraced this, although Alexander Venter certainly always held a torch for the contemplative tradition and Costa Mitchel had started leading a group of us in Lectio. Coming into AVC Canada there is no doubt that we are far more 'sacramentally' charismatic (great term and concept, I've adopted it thanks) than I was accustomed to previously. Keep up the good work. There are many poles now, apart from the charismata, that require us to hold some form of tension. Vineyard as a generally 'centrist' type of movement has much to offer in these times. We might not be flavour of the month any longer, but God will fulfil his purposes in and through us if we recognise our lane and occupy it faithfully.

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Hi, Luke, you may be familiar with St. Patrick who lived in the 400’s, the closing days of the early church. If you read his autobiography (yes, we have his actual writings) you will see he is a combination of the sacramental, evangelical (lots of scripture quotes you would see coming from a conservative Baptist) and charismatic activities - he even describes an encounter with the Holy Spirit that can be seen as him speaking in tongues. Here is his autobiography, not too long https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/pat-confession.asp

I think our individual focus should be strengthening the core essential - what you would have available in solitary confinement with no Bible, fellowship or access to sacraments - which are useful to point to that essential - which is being filled with the Spirit, clothed with Christ, Galatians 3:26-27, sons of God knowing the love and presence of the Father as Jesus did, knowing the love and presence of the Father I think is the essence of being filled with the Spirit, available as a flowing well John 4:14, John 17:2-3,26; Romans 5:5, 8:14-16, all as pure gift.

Simple need is the entrance fee, for God gives grace to the humble, we become like the woman with the issue of blood who knows just go to Jesus and he will give the Spirit and reveal the Father. Then we have the inestimable privilege of praying to and being with the Father who is always there in secret. We resist simplicity, “my people have committed two sins, they have forsaken me , the spring of living water, and have their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water” Jeremiah 2:13, Jesus said, “It is the Spirit that gives life”

It has been my experience that relying on sacraments, contemplative methods, seeking various manifestations of the Spirit, corporate worship and even Bible immersion can be broken cisterns. “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which you have from God” Again the essential I think, is what we would have and be alone in solitary confinement.

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